Thursday’s Special: Diversity

This is my take on Lost In Translation’s Thursday’s Special: Diversity  This menagerie lives on one of shelf’s of the bookcases in our study. I would say it is a pretty diverse collection wouldn’t you?



2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Diversity

    • Each one has either some meaning/symbolism behind them or I just think they are cool. The two figurines represent my folks. My pops looked like Santa Claus and had a heart bigger than that of ol’ St Nick. And the lady with the hearts and wings is my Mom, big hearted and she was a an angel to many. I miss them both but their example of giving and sharing are the example i try to follow to this day.
      The vase I put my long paint brushes in when I paint. The rest I just think are cool and affordable because though I find the works of Da Vinci and Van Gogh to be cool, and amazing, that is a ticket I cannot afford 🙂 Peace~ John


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