Our Boy

Today we had to take Our Boy to the vet. We had changed his dog food last year in hopes of him losing weight. We also added green beans to his food about mid-year,plus we use carrots as treats. We work him 20 or so minutes a day, if not more, and walk him more than we used to as well. He has been looking good but we had concerns something was wrong because it was not till recently that he has started to loss weight. The test for parasites,heatworms and such came back negative but we must keep an eye on his weight. So now we have a new scale to monitor his weight, and…sigh…ours as well, now that we have a base-line to work from. So after his ruff treatment t the vet we played his favorite thing: LLAB. Yes we spell it backwards because if we spell it BALL he losses his ever-loving-freaking-little-puppy mind!



4 thoughts on “Our Boy

  1. My dog likes carrots as a treat (to a certain extent:), also ice cubes. No calories! He’s part corgi too, & looks a like Your Boy.


    • I use carrots sometimes as well. He would eat anything I think but we have tried hard to keep his weight down. We exercise him so he gets his appetite honestly.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting and if your dog displays hard-headiness and is a little stubborn, blame it the Corgi in him 🙂


      • He has a bit of that stubbornness, but is easily enough distracted that I can usually get what I want from him:) He’s like a 4-legged 3 y.o. kid……..

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