Plan B

As I mentioned in my last post, the PowerShot S3 I use for this site has an issue which may prove to be fatal to the camera. I also mentioned I had no Plan B, well now I do. I have a Fuji Film S700 my Pops gave me and it is similar to the S3. I used it after my first PowerShot S3 died and posted several times using it after he passed as a way to memorialize him. So it is fitting if the S3 goes the way of the dinosaur that I should continue with the S700 till I can replace/fix the S3. Plan C is I use a PowerShot A620 I bought for almost nothing because it was so corroded that it would not power up, that was before an experimental cleaning I did to reverse the effects of corrosion. I will not share how here because those of you who are sensitive to unorthodox treatment of electronics may find this to be akin to being forced to watch political ads 24/7.

But for now another macro with the S3, this time it is of my wedding band and of a gemstone I have. Life has left both time-worn and priceless.


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