Making Do


Finishing up being an adult once again after dark equals no new captures, so what to do? What to do? I decided I wanted to try a few macro using a lamp I got from Pops as pseudo light studio. The first set I could not find any combination of settings that could overcome the intensity of the lamp. I covered the bulbs with a towel and the towel dampened them to much. Next thing I tried was using an all cotton white tee-shirt over the bulbs. It was better, yet it still let more light through than I wanted. Next up I tried leaving the overhead light on, with the towel over the bulbs plus playing with the  shutter speed but I did not get the effect I wanted. After many combinations I set the aperture wide open, turned the shutter speed down, set the timer to 10 seconds and after triggering the release I held the tee-shirt up in the path of the overhead light and the finally result was not the best but still I like it. Some times, more than not, we just have to make do.


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