Old Time Piece


Nature photography is my passion and since I started this project right in the middle of winter, I knew I may have painted myself into the proverbial corner. None the less I started this project with this knowledge and knew it would stretch me some. The stretch began today. It was my intent to take a few shots this morning of a nature trail in town. A low tire called me to task and I was obliged to answer the call and find a gas station with an air pump. With the tire up to snuff I headed to work and 8.5hr later I was headed to an appointment with a web designer. Still no captures. The sun set while in said meeting and after the meeting it was home, dinner, paying The Brides tuition and such. As I was setting here thinking what to do,I spied this old watch. I love this time piece. It smells of old and telling places. I decide to take a few macros tonight with just the overhead light and in a few days find ways to better illuminate it and take so more macros of it.


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