The New Place

The act of selling an old camera and the challenge that Steve @ daPonte Photography set for himself had me pondering today about things. One of the things was I had a small point & shot for sale and it had me following a rabbit trail of thought till today. Steve’s challenge to himself helped me focus and laying a course of action which led me to start this blog. But first things first, back to the camera for sale.

A lady contacted me and wanted to buy it for her daughter. Leaving their house after I dropped it of I was bothered by two things: 1) I apologized several times that it wasn’t a top-of-the line camera. 2) How grateful they were to get the camera. Not that gratitude is a bad thing it was just a simple inexpensive camera yet they were happy to have it. Then I remembered what camera set me on the digital camera path of photography.

I remember that camera and how glad I was to have it. It was Pop’s old camera, an HP Photosmart 2.1 megapixel camera, and I thought it was great! I have had several since but there was one camera that challenged me and pushed me. So I decided to revisit that camera, a Canon PowerShot S3is, and take a crack at regaining the simple joys of photography. I have Steve to thank since it was his post I read that has me actively seeking something to shot everyday with this great little camera. Here is my first post of a fence post on our place in macro.


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